ATELstream Beta Version 2 Now Available

Thanks to everyone who opened up a server, and tested the client, for ATELstream using a version 1 software.  Based on these tests, we’ve updated the protocol and main node architecture, and we’re happy to release ATELstream Beta Version 2.

This version will be more stable.   Please download the scripts.  Please send as many test messages as you like using the client script.  Please execute the server script, and permit it to stay up in the background.  All the information we get from your submitted test messages, and from sending these messages back out to your serves, help make ATELstream better.  You can read more about how these work in our FAQ.

We’re looking forward to broader use of ATELstream, of stronger tests of the system, and your system’s automated use of distributed XML objects, which is the goal of ATELstream’s design.

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