This space for free

As an experiment, we are offering the postage-stamp sized box in the upper-right of our webpage, for advertising scientific conferences relevant to the topics on The Astronomer’s Telegram.

To use this space, you should:

  • represent the organizing committee of such a conference
  • provide either text (140 characters or fewer) or a static gif or jpeg (no larger than 135 pixels wide by 90 pixels high)
  • provide a link to the relevant webpage for the conference
  • suggest a start and end date for the advertisement to run.

The color scheme of the image should not dramatically clash with the webpage.

Regarding the audience: In a typical month, receives approximately 10,000 visits; 5,500 unique visitors, of whom 2,200 return multiple times over the month.   In order of decreasing frequency, the top ten countries from which our visitors hail are the USA, Japan, Italy, Germany, UK, Russia, Netherlands, France, India and Spain (followed closely by Canada, Australia and China).

Advertisements may be accepted or rejected, run for the full requested period or part of the requested period, at the discretion of the Editors.

Interested parties should send their proposed advertising text or image, along with the desired dates, to the Editor-in-Chief, Robert Rutledge (

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3 Responses to This space for free

  1. rrutledge says:

    We had our first campaign, for the Nuclear Astrophysics Town Hall meeting, held by the MSU Cyclotron in Detroit Michigan, October 9-10, 2012. The ad ran Sept 18, 2012 through October 10, 2012.

    The ad was seen by 7,700 unique users, in 10,800 visits, and an average of about 3-4 times during each visit. 3,000 of those visitors returned multiple times during the month — about 1500 of them five or more times. This is the professional astronomical community — and about 90 of them clicked through to find out more about the conference.

    If you want to raise visibility of your conference to the professional astrophysics community, and in particular the community of transient observers this is the place to do it.

  2. rrutledge says:

    We completed our second campaign, for the “Physical Applications of Millisecond Pulsars” program. The campaign ran November 2-15 2012; and it was run simultaneously with a second campaign (“Requirements for UTC and Civil Timekeeping on Earth”). We randomly cycled between the two ads.

    In 15 days the Pulsars ad ran, 3200 unique users visited the site a total of 4700 times. The ad was displayed to them 30600 times, and resulted in 45 click-throughs to the main site (about 3/day). About 800 of the users visited 5 or more times, and saw the ad at least 15 times.

    The campaign was successful at generating increased visibility in the community for this conference, as well as bringing 45 interested applicants to the conference’s website.

  3. rrutledge says:

    We completed our third campaign, for the “Requirements for UTC and Civil Timekeeping on Earth” program in Charlottesville, VA in May 2013. The advertisement ran Oct 23 2012 through Feb 1 2013, and was run simultaneously, at different times, with two other campaigns. During that period, it was seen by approximately 20,000 unique visitors , approximately 9,000 of which saw it on multiple visits. These resulted in about 250 click-throughs to the main site. About 6500 of the users visited 5 or more times, and saw the ad between 8 and 30 times.

    The campaign was successful at generating increased visibility for the conference, as well as bringing 250 interested potential applicants to the conference’s website.

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