A Winter Project!

Got some downtime over the holidays?  Not sure what to do with yourself?

Take a day or two, and learn to post to ATELstream! Your collaboration will love you for it!

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Invitation to Bloggers: Blogomania 2011

Do you like to blog about astronomy? Whether you just mention astronomy sometimes on your personal blog which is read by nobody but your cat, or a blog which reaches thousands of users,  we’d like to invite you to grab a recent ATel, and blog about it.

Between now and September 30th, 2011, if you blog about an ATel on your own astronomy blog, we’ll add your blog link to our community site homepage.   Also, we’ll pick the best blog entry, give you a call out here and on our twitter feed, and (if you provide an address) send you some Astronomers Telegram branded swag, with a retail value of anywhere up to $20!

  1. The blog  must be publicly readable.  No private blogs, or blogs requiring log-in or an account to read.
  2. Once you’ve written the entry, tweet a link to it, and include a “cc @astronomerstel” at the end, so that we see it.  We’ll re-tweet it in our stream, so  you’ll know we saw it.
  3. For picking the best entry, we’re looking for short (<2000 characters), well written pieces which link to the relevant ATel.  Better entries provide descriptions of what’s going on with the object of interest — why it’s interesting and exciting –  for the layperson, and provides links to other relevant work (regardless of where they appear, be that a telescope page, a wiki article, or whatever).  How many people read your blog is not a consideration.
  4. Most of all, you should have fun with it.
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Amateur Astronomers Posting to ATel?

The Astronomer’s Telegram is designed to provide critical rapid communication services for the professional research astronomical community, which is our focus.  This community will always be our focus.

There’s been some historical overlap between observations by amateur astronomers, being used by professional astronomers.   Right now, there are a myriad of means by which such observations make their way to the professional community.  To our view of it, these means perform this function efficiently, and we see no need to change ATel operations to accommodate a different community than the one which is our focus.

However, about every 3-6 months, a research astronomer will say “You should permit amateur astronomers to post.”   To now, we’ve not been inclined to do so.

We’d like to hear comments from the professional research community about why and how permitting an amateur-level service on ATel would positively impact their research.   Please write comments below, or (if it’s short) just tweet it to us!

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New Subjects for ATel

At the request of our authors, we have added the following new subjects, for easy selection.  You may wish to modify your email subscriptions accordingly:

  • Near-Earth Object
  • Potentially Hazardous Asteroid
  • Asteroid (Binary)
  • Young Stellar Object
  • Pre-Main-Sequence Star

We always welcome suggestions for new subjects.  Our goal is to permit easy categorization of ATels for readers to find ATels of interest to them.  Feel free to email the editors, or comment below, or even tweet your suggestions.

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